Location and proximity
based campaigns

Reach customers wherever they may be with clever, targeted messages

Cercas GeoZone

Use the Rezolve Experience Platform to draw GeoZone fences around your business, or in strategic areas. GeoZone fences trigger relevant notifications on your customers’ phones, and also help you to understand your customers’ shopping habits such as how often they visit your store and how long they spend there. These analytics give you invaluable insights to help improve your campaigns.


Mobile Notifications

GeoZone notifications can take customers through to a product promotion, provide more details about your business, or invite them to submit an ‘Instant Act’ response form. Customers can tap the notification and engage straight away, or save the notification for later.

Directorio GeoZone

All location-based promotions can be browsed via a directory within the Rezolve-enabled app. Customers see the offers that are closest to them, and also get directions to bring them straight to your location.


Powerful Analytics

Track the activity and performance of all of your campaigns and then turn those insights into actionable promotions and precisely refine the targeting of your customers.


Dé la bienvenida a los clientes a sus instalaciones, muestre información adicional sobre lo que están viendo y ofrezca oportunidades específicas para comprar o registrarse para obtener más información.


Analyse Customer Behaviour

Rezolve Platform allows you to analyse your customer movement and interactions and create targeted and effective campaigns.

Provide welcome messages or promotional offers to your regular visitors, and promote products based on what people have ordered before.

Orientación precisa

Las balizas proporcionan un compromiso mucho más íntimo con sus clientes a poca distancia. Puede utilizarlos en las estanterías o colocarlos alrededor de su tienda para interactuar con los clientes de forma desatendida.